My name is Yasmeen Harper and I am a portrait artist. Every face is so unique, so eloquently bespeaks a life story, that it deserves to be recorded in a work of portraiture. I invite you to come in and browse the gallery of samples of my portrait art, both of people and pets.   

In the days before photography, it was only the portrait artist who could create likenesses of people. It is my joy to continue this ancient and time-honored tradition of recording the human face and form. I have
 been creating custom portraiture for twenty-five years and find it more fulfilling with each passing year.  I can compose a custom piece of art for you, from your photos, that will become a family heirloom. Consider immortalizing the treasured faces of your dear ones in a commissioned portrait today. Act soon and order now - time passes so quickly...

Also be sure to visit my gallery of art pieces that I offer for sale as reproduction prints. 

My medium of choice is colored pencil, used in a manner that creates, in my color portraits, the look of a painting rather than a drawing.  All finished art includes free matting and framing in a simple, lightweight  plastic frame with plexiglass.  This assures the artwork is protected, attractively presented, and ready to hang when you receive it.
                                    Finished Portrait is Shown Matted and Framed


To have me create a custom portrait for you, all that is needed is your photo or photos for me to work from.

For portraits with two or three subjects in them, it is not neccessary for all the subjects to be in the same photo that you provide. I can compose a custom group portrait by 'splicing' together subjects from seperate photos. This creates a unique artistic composition
to meet your specific wishes.


Our family members are not only the human ones but also the furry, four-legged types!  Our beloved cats and dogs are definately members of the family too.  I will capture the likeness of your precious pets  in color or black & white pet portrait art that everyone in the family will cherish for years to come.


All details of your portrait can
be specified and custom designed to meet your wishes, such as clothing color, background content and color, etc. This ensures you get the portrait you really want. 

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Looking for the Perfect Gift? - Portrait Art is the Perfect Answer

by Yasmeen Harper

Wracking your brain for a gift idea that is out of the ordinary and super special? A work of custom protraiture created by a portrait artist from a photo you provide can be just the gift solution for that 'person who has everything'.

Many gift giving occasions arise for each of us throughout the course of every year. There are the birthdays of our friends and family members. There are anniversaries - our own and those of parents, siblings and friends. There are graduations, and other rites of passage such as quince anos and bar/bat mitzvahs. There are the winter holidays with their tradition of gift giving. And there are those gift giving occasions that come up spontaneously in which we simply want to convey the message "You are special to me and I care about you".

When one of these gift giving occasions looms on your horizon you begin the search for the perfect gift, the unique gift, the gift no one would anticipate, the gift that the 'person who has everything' does not have. This search can be daunting, tiring, and seemingly impossible to achieve in some cases.

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Portrait Artist

Portrait Artist

For the past thirty years I have been creating custom portrait art of adults, couples, children and pets. I work from the client's photos, so no sitting for the portrait is required.

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Yasmeen Harper has been drawing and painting since age three.  Her favorite subject matter has always been the human face and form. Portraying images of people of various cultures has always fascinated her, as well as creating art in the style of ancient Egyptian wall murals.

Her art has been shown and sold in galleries and at art events in California, Arizona, Nevada and central Mexico.

For the last twenty-five years she has focused on commisioned portraiture of adults, children and pets.

A native of southern California, she moved to Nevada twenty years ago. She currently lives and works in Las Vegas and is a member of the Las Vegas Chamber of Commerce and the Clark County Artist Guild.



Commissioning an artist to create a portrait commemorating a special event, or an everyday moment in someone's life, makes a truly unique gift. A photograph is all that is needed for a portrait artist to turn a person's image into a work of art. And you can bet that a gift like that will be completely unexpected and totally one-of-a-kind. It will also be cherished for many years to come.

So the next time you want to give your wife a perfect anniversary gift, consider having a portrait painted of the children, or a portrait of the two of you, either from a  photo taken on your wedding day, or from a current photo. When your mother's birthday is drawing near and you really want to
give her something fresh and different, have an artist create a portrait of her grandchild.  And when your choice for your brother's Christmas present keeps eluding you, but you want to give him something he would never anticipate, have an artist do a portrait of his best-buddy german shepherd. The possibilities are endless.

You get the picture. A picture is worth a thousand words and giving a work of portrait art can be the perfect gift. Unique, ever so personal and guaranteed to be very appreciated.







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